15-16 September First Conference of Research Software Engineers

Call for Workshops

The first conference for Research Software Engineers invites applications to present a workshop. Workshops can be on any topic that may be of interest to research software engineers and academic research software developers. For example, demonstration of a new tool or technology. Or providing training in an intermediate or advanced programming technique (such as parallel programming, use of development or profiling tools, introducing a useful module or library, or demonstrating a new programming language). Essentially anything you think would be useful to help develop and deliver modern research software.

If selected, your workshop will be one of 12 that will be presented during the conference. These will be held in three sessions, with four workshops run in parallel (e.g. see the programme). We expect up to 150 attendees, who will have a choice of which of the four workshops in each parallel session they wish to attend. Given this choice, please cater for up to 40 learners. We will supply help, both technical and also with demonstrators, to enable you to deliver your workshop. All attendees will be bringing their own laptops, and we will be creating virtual machines that will allow the workshop material to be run across all of their different operating systems. Workshops are scheduled into 75 minute sessions, which should include the time needed to set up and introduce your material.

If you would like to respond to this call, please fill in this form.



Please complete and submit this form before midnight on Friday 10th June 2016. Please feel free to get in touch with either Mike Croucher or Christopher Woods if you would like to discuss your idea for a workshop, or to discuss what technical support we can provide.