Research Software Engineering Groups in the UK

About RSE Groups

Research Software Engineering Groups provide a home for research programmers who collaborate with researchers on multiple research projects

Most Research Software Engineers are employed as Research Associates on individual research projects. But we are particularly interested in the ways in which research organisations bring research programmers together into larger teams, and are trying to maintain a list of such groups here, not just in the UK, but around the world.

These may be formal organisations (like the UCL group), or looser federations (like the Oxford group). They may be based in universities or in national labs or research institutes, and in academic departments or in university IT organisations.

UKRSE hosts an “RSE Leaders” subcomittee, a peer-support group for heads of research software engineering groups. If you run a research programming organisation, and would like to join, please get in touch.

If your place of work meets the above definition, please submit a pull request to this page to add it to the list.

If you are based outside the UK, please see our list of international RSE groups.

List of UK RSE Groups

Organisation Group/Fellow
University of Bristol Advanced Computing Research Centre
University of Cambridge High Performance Computing Service
University College London Research Software Development Group
Culham Centre for Fusion Energy Data and Coding team (CODAS & IT)
University of Edinburgh Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre
Francis Crick Institute Application Integration and Migration
Imperial College London Research Software Engineering Community
ISIS Mantid Group
University of Leeds Advanced Research Computing
University of Leicester Research Software Engineering Team
University of Manchester Research Software Engineering Group
University of Oxford Advanced research Computing
University of Oxford Research Software Developers Network
University of Sheffield Research Software Engineering at Sheffield
University of Southampton Research Software Group
STFC Software Engineering Group