What can I do?

You can help by joining us, by raising awareness of research software engineering, and by attending and organising events.

Join the community!

By joining the community, you will receive updates about our work, information about events and the ability to raise questions with people like you from across academia (and absolutely zero spam).

The more members that we have, the easier it will be to prove the impact of the Research Software Engineering community.

Raise awareness

You can raise our objectives at your local developers or hackers group, and if you don’t have a local group, you can set up a local RSE Community for your organisation. Local groups get together to share knowledge and expertise, and they are a useful way of gaining recognition from your organisation. Contact us for more details about setting up a local group.

Attend and organise events

You can help us to organise events. We will be running regular workshops to get Research Software Engineers together for discussion and collaboration. We want to hold workshops across the UK, so we need your local knowledge. We need people to talk about their work, to organise training or mentoring at events, to help us organise and run the events and to help us publicise them to the Research Software Engineers Community.

Help us organise

You can join the Research Software Engineers Committee. The first committee was set up to get the community started, but we now want to broaden the committee and get more members from across the UK and across disciplines. If you want to help steer the way the community grows, and you can spare a couple of hours every couple of months, we want to hear from you.

Partner organisations, campaigners and industry

If your organisation benefits from Research Software Engineers, we need your help. We need partners who are willing to raise awareness about the Research Software Engineer role with all sections of the research community. We also need help, resources and funds to run workshops and other events. Please contact us to find out more.