15-16 September First Conference of Research Software Engineers

Friday 16th September 2016

Slides from most talks are available on the abstracts page.

Early Morning: Main Talks

Time Room  
9.00am-9.15am Garratt 1+2 Welcome to the second day
Robert Haines, University of Manchester
9.15am-10.00am Garratt 1+2 Keynote: Digital Data, Methods and Expertise: unsettling the boundaries in the 21st Century
Susan Halford, Director, Web Science Institute, University of Southampton
10.00am-10.30am Main Hall Refreshments break

Late Morning: Parallel Talks (Sets of five parallel talks per session. Feel free to choose the talks you wish to attend on the day)

Time Room  
10.30am-10.50am Garratt 1 InterMine: Best Practices for Open Source Software.
Daniela Butano, Department of Genetics, University of Cambridge
  Garratt 2 The Research Hub: Rethinking the Delivery of Institutional Research Services
Richard Hosking, Centre for eResearch, University of Auckland, NZ
  Dalton / Joule Using task-based parallelism to accelerate rational drug design.
Christopher Woods, University of Bristol
  Lovell Analysing World Events Using the GDELT dataset and Google BigQuery.
Ali Niknejad, Centre for Transport Studies, Imperial College London
  Whitworth PIsCO: A Performance Indicators Framework for Software Metrics.
Haydee Artaza Alvarez, The Genome Analysis Centre
10.50am-11.10am Garratt 1 The Grackle project: turning a research code into a software package.
Britton Smith, University of Edinburgh
  Garratt 2 Building Re-Useable Research Software at a National Level: A Canadian Perspective
Scott Henwood, CANARIE, Canada’s National Research and Education Network
  Dalton / Joule Building LLAMA: A highly parallel web application for drug development.
Chris Empson, School of Chemistry, University of Leeds
  Lovell Layering for longevity: lessons from 3 decades of fusion data management.
Jonathan Hollocombe, Culham Centre for Fusion Energy, UKAEA
  Whitworth GeosMeta: a service for researchers to hold metadata and provenance.
Mike Mineter, School of GeoSciences, University of Edinburgh
11.10am-11.20am   Break to allow you to change rooms
11.20am-11.40am Garratt 1 Experiences of bootstrapping a Commercial Research team.
Joanna Jordan, Catherine Barnaby, Bath Institute for Mathematical Innovation (IMI)
  Garratt 2 Scaling up the software development process, a case study highlighting the complexities of large team software development.
Mark Basham, Diamond Light Source
  Dalton / Joule Beyond cron and bash - Event-driven automation for the sequencing core facility.
Johan Dahlberg, Department of Medical Sciences, Uppsala University
  Lovell Reproducible Research software environments using Docker
Mark Fernandes, Institute of Food Research
  Whitworth UK-RSE Networking / Discussion Session
11.40am-12.00pm Garratt 1 Gender differences in research software: a UK survey.
Athina Frantzana, Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre (EPCC)
  Garratt 2 Navigating the Met Office Unified Model Development Process: The Hoops and Hurdles of Software Rigour.
Stuart Whitehouse, Met Office
  Dalton / Joule The road to software development in the reproducible scientific research context.
Brian Jimenez-Garcia, Barcelona Supercomputing Center
  Lovell Orchestration and Workflows in eScience: Problems, Standards, and Solutions.
Niels Drost, Netherlands eScience Center
  Whitworth UK-RSE Networking / Discussion Session
12.00pm-12.10pm   Break to allow you to change rooms
12.10pm-12.30pm Garratt 1 Taming your clients, or: Defining and managing requirements in an academic research context.
Harald Störrle, Technical University of Denmark
  Garratt 2 Why is persistently identifying your software a good idea?
Catherine Jones, STFC
  Dalton / Joule Modern Fortran in Research Software Engineering.
Ian Bush, University of Oxford
  Lovell The future of research software development at Newcastle University.
Mark Turner, Newcastle University
  Whitworth UK-RSE Networking / Discussion Session
12.30pm-2.00pm Main Hall Lunch

Afternoon : Workshops (Five parallel sessions. Please choose at registration which of workshops C1-C5 you’d prefer to attend)

2.00pm-3.15pm Workshop C1, Dalton/Joule Task-based parallel programming in C++ or Python.
Christopher Woods, University of Bristol
  Workshop C2, Garratt 2 Using software containers for reproducible experiments.
Frédéric Osterrath, CRIM
  Workshop C3, Lovell Introduction to concurrent programming with Go.
Sebastien Binet, CNRS/IN2P3
  Workshop C4, Whitworth Using EUDAT as your data management tool.
Shaun de Witt, CCFE
  Workshop C5, Garratt 1 Discussion: Be a happy RSE.
Samin Ishtiaq, Microsoft Research

Late Afternoon : Refreshments and conference wrap-up

Time Room  
3.15pm-3.45pm Main Hall Refreshments break
3.45pm-4.15pm Garratt 1+2 Conference wrap-up talk and feedback.
Robert Haines, University of Manchester

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